Core Members

Kazue Kimura, VP

Kazue Kimura is a business consultant active in coordination of human resources, marketing research, liscensing, corporate identity and product design. She also has long experience as an art curator and has studied wide-ranging issues including the environment, health and welfare, and education. She has worked for with officers of Honda Motors, Isetan Department Stores, Sanyo and Omron among other companies.

In the art world she has curated the works of Gaudi, Dali and Picasso, represented well-knowned architecture firms from Europe, and coordinated work in digital media art. In 1994, with Rosin she started one of the first Internet companies in Japan (CTI).

Matthew L. Rosin, CEO

Matthew Rosin was born in 1967 in New York, and grew up in New Jersey. He learned software programming on key punch machines at about the age of 10, got online soon thereafter, and in high school was on the winning team of the American Computer Science League. Since graduating from Cornell University in 1990 he has been based in Japan. Speaking English, Japanese, and French he is a multiproducer as both a software developer and business developer with several original products to his name.

His first five years in Japan, Rosin worked at the photo archive Pacific Press Services (originally representative of world-reknown photojournalism company Magnum Photo). There he conducted early research on digital image copyright technology, and led research into digital publishing, encryption, photo transmission, and legal issues with the National Association of Photographers, and supported clients including National Geographic, Newton, and the Bettmann Archive which launched the largest digitization project at the time. Rosin created a business development lab at PPS, and here developed with the support of Toppan Printing what was acknowledged to be the finest photographic catalog in Japan, created the first CD for the National Association of Photo Agencies, and consulted on databases, digital publishing, and product and service design for Olympus, Leaf, Polaroid, Koyosha, Reuters and others. He also successfully created digital prints from news photos transmitted from British news agency Rex Photo and from NASA's satellite imagery databases. He also is credited with creating the first website on Japan's public Internet.

In 1994 Rosin left PPS to start Cyber Technologies International (CTI) with the support of Accel Partners and AT&T Jens, Kazue Kimura, and engineers from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and AT&T Bell Laboratories. This company was the third provider in Japan and the first to provide full service technical development, web content creation, hosting and access services. At CTI Rosin led product development and Sales and Marketing, which led to CTI producing a constant stream of new technologies and services.

One of the highest profile projects he led then was Cannes.on.Cyber, started with certification by the Cannes Film Festival and a loan from Canon of two of the nine existing prototype EOS digital cameras - the digital camera had not yet made it to the consumer market. By sending photojournalists from AERA, Esquire, and Cinema Junpo with these units to open an office on the Croisette, Rosin's team was able to report the winners before Japanese radio and TV, build a news photo database, the first online shop in Japan (online photo agency Cyber Media), a world premiere exhibition of Air France's photo collection, and the most popular website in Japan, later to win Yahoo Site of the Year for most accesses and best content in 1995, Japan's first Internet Year.

After a short stay at Tokyo University's advanced research laboratory RACE (Research into Artifacts of the Computing Environment), in 1997 Rosin started Telebody Inc. with Kazue Kimura in order to concentrate on network-related planning and development business production. Their advisors included pioneering Internet scientists, venture businessmen, academic researchers, government officials, artists and journalists, and the role of Telebody as a business development team has evolved to cover liscensing and M&A in IT as well as other fields including biotech, materials science, environment, and health and welfare.

The same team at Lawrence Corporation now develops collaboration and knowledge sharing software, but its main activity is a business coordination firm for foreign and domestic firms seeking to open new markets or leverage their resources to gain a foothold in the 21st century. To this end, Telebody has been highly active with various nations of the EU and from the Cabinet level, in the Japanese government's strategic push called Sangakukan (Industry-Academia-Government) for targeted investment in major industrial areas including IT, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Environment, and Energy.

Technological Firsts in Japan

  • First website on Japan's commercial Internet
  • Built a virtual art museum in that website (The Orb Gallery)
  • Online photographic archive (Cannes.On.Cyber)
  • Large-scale newscast using digital cameras
  • Display of Internet images on giant outdoor screens (Shibuya 109)
  • Developed Internet search engine and 3D chat (continued original search engine development to this day)
  • Internet Art Gallery animated in 3D space using VRML technology (Australian Embassy website)
  • Web Diary (collaboration with Kazuhiko Hachiya, creator of Sony's PostPet characters)
  • Operation/construction of copyright databases (of note, PPS photographer Erich Lessing's comprehensive archive of the world's art museums' collections)
  • Member of the team that created the first music download kiosk venture in Japan which created the first business case for optical fiber based on digital copyright management, the Music POD for Press On Demand (Okayama Prefecture infrastructure planning, Japan Rail, VST, Japan Telecom, NTT Multimedia Business Group)
  • Member of team to achieve first international transmission of motion capture for live performance of 3D CG avatars (Harajuku VRML Live, sponsored by Silicon Graphics International)
  • Support for various NGO projects (especially Bernard Krisher's projects in Cambodia, including the construction of over 200 schools, the Princess Diana land mine fund, a newspaper, an orphanage, and Sihanouk Hospital which does telemedicine.)

Media Coordination

  • Collaborations and Coordination of digital media art projects using advanced technologies (of note, participation in NTT Intercommunication Center (ICC) Biennale 97, judged by NY MOMA curator and other well known figures). Direct support of many artists exhibiting at ICC, Canon Art Lab, and elsewhere.
  • Planning for Japanese infrastructure including projects using high-end computer graphics supercomputers of Silicon Graphics International (e.g. Japan Gutenberg Bible, Visible Human, and others)
  • Planning for Mie Prefecture infrastructure, involving setting up a team of engineers and artists for development of a supercomputer-driven media to be displayed on planetarium screens
  • Participant in first Internet infrastructure planning meeting for Kyushu (COARA, GLOCOM, Hypernetwork Institute)
  • Bird of a Feather (BOF) meetings with computer graphics developer community including corporate and academic workers, and other academic colloquia
  • Consulted on U.S. digital libraries project, U.N. world heritage project, and EU digital cultural heritage project
  • Guide for overseas collectors and curators of U.S. Smithsonian Institute (e.g. Japan Ukiyoe Foundation, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, SF MOMA, others)
  • Participant in Hi-Vision Festa sponsored by Sony and group of next-generation television manufacturers
  • Exhibitions for Hasselblad, Ericsson, Volvo and many other companies over 4 years of coordination and sponsorship for the Swedish Embassy (about 100 events in 4 years. Of note, hosted the President of NTT DoCoMo and Princess Victoria)
  • Nobel Prize national broadcast
  • Introduced foreign films to Japan (in 2003, showed 6 films at Fuji Film)

Software Development Capabilities

  • Full scale localization and translation of software and scientific documents
  • Software development for Windows, Linux / Unix, Macintosh, and other platforms
  • Programming in Perl, Python, VB, Java, C, C++ and other languages
  • Tehnical writing, editing and formatting
  • Online service planning and development, including market research, design, architecture, development, testing, risk management, media plan, advertising and marketing, and business development. We can handle the entire project with highly experienced team members, or provide only the elements you need.
  • Corporate presentations
  • Giant outdoor video screens and both prerecorded and live infocasts
  • Mobile phone related ticket sales, i-Appli and similar software using music and animation, service development
  • Human-Computer Interaction studies, design
  • Computer graphics, video and music, media art, educational software
  • Event design and operation
  • Cameras and projectors
  • Bioinformatics related development
  • Astronomical software and related events / hardware design
  • Laboratory software analysis and development
  • Open source project development and technical and business oriented consultation

Technology Research and Development

  • R&D related to bioinformatics tools
  • R&D on gamelike business tools
  • R&D on dynamic knowledge sharing networks to expose and focus knowledge and available resources (contact for more information about this initiative)
  • R&D on rapid application development (RAD) of cross platform business modules (wxWidgets, wxPerl, etc.)
  • R&D on faceted metadata search and navigation technology for powerful, easy use of large document collections
  • R&D on natural language processing (NLP) for document searching, categorization, and analysis
  • R&D on camera and projection systems for comfortable information display, including large format video conferencing, projection systems for indoors and outdoors, and investigation into low-cost structured light displays.
  • R&D into simulation and display of virtual skies
  • Built and staffed Sony's first "Homepage Laboratory" to coordinate activity across the entire company
  • Built search engine, database and product navigation tools used by Omron Group for 5 years
  • Built for Japanese to take MBA and other courses at U.S. and Canadian universities (U. Victoria, U. Hawaii, and others)
  • Search engine and event database for Royal Netherlands Embassy 400th anniversary of relations with Japan (also have supported/built sites for Embassies of Cambodia, Australia, Sweden, Cuba, Canada, and others)
  • Survey system for Gartner Group and Accenture
  • Planning and Development for Mitsubishi Group companies
  • Participant in study of collaboration software with NTT-TE and Kokuyo Corp.
  • Full playable discography at for Sony (NY team)
  • Support for International Shinto Association
  • Consulting on call center and ordering for L. L. Bean and Saison Card
  • Social networking analysis and advisor on collaboration and knowledge base development for major advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather
  • Various planning / development for broadband, mobile phones, DVD, PDA (especially Sony Clie), theaters.
  • Planning for education, environment, and social welfare related projects


The following company names are a small fraction of our client list, for whom we provide the highest quality native translation and editing services. We also provide consultation for Localization and Business Communications, and work both directly with the enduser or through other agencies. Most translation services in Japan provide relatively low quality work for Japanese customers. We provide both quick turnaround and well-written product that truly reflects the source document. Please contact us for an estimate.

  • Japanese to English high quality technical and business translation and support services
  • Also provided are translation to and from English, Japanese, Chinese, and European languages, and translation coordination services.
  • Japanese National Nuclear Power Agency (incident reports, investigations and quality assurance)
  • Japan Railways (Next generation technology press releases)
  • Corporate presentations (Softbank, Reuters, Kenwood)
  • Corporate documents (Contracts, Shareholders Meetings, Financial Reports, Business Strategy Reports, Annual Brochures, etc.)
  • Medical, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals (AnGes MG, Novartis)
  • Financial Industry (Lehman Brothers)
  • Heavy Industry (Toyota, hybrid car motor development, factory automation, printing industry, others)
  • Software manuals
  • Scientific papers (biotech, materials science, chemistry, robotics, automotive, engineering analyses, etc.)
  • Editing, Proofreading, Quality Assurance
  • Transcripts
  • Business support / interpretation, interviews
  • Copywriting (articles for online and print, interviews, symposia reports, newsletters)

M & A, Planning, Liscense Business

  • Business development agent for biotechnology, nanotechnology, and other scientific businesses
  • Official Liason for the government of the European Union in Track and Trace (T^2) the project for international food traceability.
  • Coordinator for Koji Omi, recent Minister of Science and Technology of Japan and major LDP science policy officer, to coordinate the Science and Technology in Society Forum November 2004. Hosted by Prime Minister Koizumi.
  • Participant, in 3rd Conference on Promotion of Academic-Business-Government Alliance on Strategic Industries (Kyoto)
  • E-Commerce seminar for Japan Banking Association
  • Evaluation of ventures for Sanwa Bank $50K venture prize
  • Japan business development advisor for Netscape and Infoseek
  • Advisor of Inoue Public Relations, which started Apple Computer in Japan
  • Represented angel investors from Silicon Valley area
  • Marketing for Muse Technologies, a spinoff from Sandia Labs that produced simulation software for engineering and collaboration on the International Space Station
  • Introduced to Japan software from Art Technology Group (ATG) including Dynamo, a popular business platform, and Oxygen, which was pioneering groupware first used by Chiat-Day Advertising
  • Introduced to Japan (and engineered investment and Japan venture) for MobileWebSurf's WorldCruiser, which is a system for mobile carriers that automatically converts web sites to layouts viewable on phones.
  • Introduced Harmonix Music Systems, a spinoff from the Media Lab at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Set up visiting professorships for overseas media artists
  • Participant in Tokyo Genome Bay project
  • Participant in Japanese Cabinet project to align industry, academia and government in strategic fields and conduct business matching, including IT, biotechnology, nanotechnology, environment, and energy (San-Gaku-Kan).
  • First foreigner to receive MITI Y2K plans in connection with visit of NY tristate commission organized by Telebody
  • One of only a few foreigners present at 3000 person national strategic investment meeting in Kyoto

Press and Awards

  • 10 years of events on Shibuya 109-2 Forum Vision and other jumbo outdoor television displays, including Cannes Film Festival, cultural festivals for the government of Sweden, snowboarding, environment and universal design.
  • Nikkei Economic Newspaper, Nikkei Industrial Newspaper, Asahi Newspaper, New York Times, L. A. Times, and other newspapers
  • Toyo Keizai (Oriental Economics) Venture Magazine 97 special edition, "These Are Japan's Top 100 Ventures"; Bungei Shunju magazine, Internet Magazine, Asahi Pasocon, Nikkei Click!, Mac Fan, Design no Genba, Jump, Popeye, and other magazines
  • Chikushi Tetsuya's News 23 (TBS), CNN (International and Domestic), Nihon TV, NHK, BS, and other TV channels
  • Yahoo Magazine "Site of the Year" prize, .Net Magazine "Site of the Month " prize, L. A. Times "Site of the Week" prize.


  • Bernard Krisher (MIT Media Lab representative, Focus magazine creator, past Newsweek Editor)
  • Dr. David Farber (pioneer called "Father of the Internet", past FCC chairman, Clinton advisor for high-performance computing, privacy proponent, owner of Interesting People mailing list
  • Dr. Harry Saal (1990 Bay Area Entrepreneur of the Year, Octagon chairman, Network General founder, founder of Smart Valley Inc., a member of Joint Venture Silicon Valley)


  • Matthew Rosin, CEO
  • Email: mattr at lawrence-corp dot net

Photo from cover article, 1997 Toyo Keizai Venture Magazine special edition "These are Japan's Top 100 Ventures"